How to Earn Digital Tokens

3 Sep

A digital token represents a set number of digital resources that you can own, assign to others, or redeem later. Because digital tokens are a type of crypto asset, they are also referred to as "cryptocurrencies," “crypto token,” or “digital coin.” Digital tokens can be intrinsic or generated by the software and assigned a utility. Bitcoin and Ether are two examples of intrinsic digital tokens. 

Although cryptocurrency has recently gained popularity, it cannot be used to purchase everything. It can, however, be used to purchase stuff like domain names, university tuition, hotel accommodations, electronic gadgets, jewelry, and donations.

Here are five popular cryptocurrencies with their total dollar value of coins in circulation, also known as market capitalization or market cap. Data is from and is current as of September 2, 2021:

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Price: $50,154.56

Market cap: $942 billion

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Price: $3,749.36

Market cap: $440 billion

3.  Cardano (ADA)

Price: $3.03

Market cap: $97 billion

4. Binance Coin (BNB)

Price: $491.69

Market cap: $82 billion

5. Tether (USDT)

Price: $1.00

Market cap: $65 billion

Digital tokens are classified into three major types: currency tokens (used to pay for goods and services), utility tokens (which allow users to trade cryptocurrencies at lower fees because they provide access to the developers' platforms), and asset or investment tokens (giving investors a positive return on their investment).

Cryptocurrency mining is time-consuming, expensive, and only occasionally profitable. Nonetheless, mining has a magnetic appeal for many cryptocurrency investors because miners are rewarded with crypto tokens for their efforts. It might be because entrepreneurs see digital tokens as a source of money from heaven.

Now let’s discuss some of the best ways to get cryptocurrencies with the least amount of risk and effort.


Crypto mining is one of the most acceptable ways to get engaged in digital currencies without directly purchasing them. An individual is involved in mining by using his computer to solve complex mathematical problems that validate blocks of transactions. Their reward for resolving these formulas is a portion of the cryptocurrency associated with the blockchain they belong to, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Staking appears to be similar to a lottery game.  To stake, you must own several crypto coins; thus, this method is only helpful if you want to increase your stock. In addition, staking entails users pledging their crypto assets to the network in order to assist the blockchain in validating transactions. The more coins you own and stake, the more likely you are to be chosen to validate the transaction. But staking isn't just a selfless act to help the network. In exchange for staking, you receive rewards, frequently in the form of the cryptocurrency you staked.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is a method for cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards on their investments. An investor uses yield farming to deposit units of a cryptocurrency into a lending protocol in order to make interest from trading fees. Yield farming works in the same way that bank loans do. When you borrow money from a bank, you must repay it with interest. With yield farming, the banks are cryptocurrency holders like you.


You can start freelancing and choose to get paid in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.  Numerous platforms use blockchain technology to make freelancing easier. The majority of them have no costs or transaction fees, so employees receive exactly what the employer pays. While receiving Bitcoin payments may be risky due to its volatility, you can always choose a more stable cryptocurrency.

Reading and Publishing

Recently, two new cryptocurrency-powered publishing websites began paying users in cryptocurrency for reading or publishing articles. The first platform, called Publish 0x, compensates users for reading content with 11 different digital resources. The second is a Bitcoin cash-focused platform that allows users to earn digital tokens by writing articles with videos and images. 

The Crypto Industry is Gigantic!

Even though there are thousands of ways to earn extra cryptocurrency for free, don't let the temptation cheat you. Cryptocurrency is volatile, and you should only engage in what you are willing to lose.